Before Riding

Be sure to read this entire page and our Terms before riding your bike. 

Seat Adjustment

Adjust seat to a comfortable height for you. To start, we recommend being able to touch both feet on the ground while sitting on your bike. 

Tire Pressure

The tires are rated for 5-30 PSI and our recommendation is somewhere between 20 and 25 PSI (closer to 20 for bumpy terrain and 25 for smoother surfaces).

Getting Comfortable on Your Bike

We recommend riding your CADDIEBIKE without the club caddie attached until you feel comfortable. Make sure you are familiar with the throttle and pedal assist. Once comfortable, we recommend adding the club caddie and your golf bag with only a few clubs in it to get familiar with the additional weight. When your clubs are attached, we typically recommend using the throttle to accelerate from a full stop. 


Riding at Night

Our club caddie comes with a reflective decal. But, if you are frequently riding your CADDIEBIKE in the dark with your clubs, we highly recommend purchasing a reflector or flashing light to place on your bag so vehicles can see you better. 




To charge your CADDIEBIKE, line up the 3 holes and insert charger. Then plug into outlet. The battery light will be red while charging and turn green when complete.

Power Battery On/Off

The main battery power must be on before powering up the LCD display. To do this, push down the "I" side of the switch in. In this picture, the power is Off.

Control Pad (Classic 2 has a slightly different control pad)

Once the main battery switch is in the "On" position, the LCD Display can be powered up by pressing and holding the power button on the control pad. Once on, the "+" and "-" will control Pedal Assist Levels.

LCD Display (Classic 2 has different display)

The LCD display will show your speed, odometer, PAS (pedal assist level) as well as trip odometers, time, power. 


Thumb Throttle

The thumb throttle is ALWAYS active when the LCD Display is on (even if the PAS level is 0). Be very careful not to accidentally push the throttle while getting on or off the bike.