The CaddieBike is shipped with a max speed of 28mph.

*Check local and state regulations for any restrictions. The speed may be adjusted to 20mph (Class 2).

No. CaddieBikes have 3 riding modes for you to choose from at any time:

1. Pedal only like a conventional bicycle.

2. Pedal assist, which offers varying levels of power assistance while you pedal.

3. Throttle on demand, which doesn't require any pedaling.

Many factors are involved in how far CaddieBikes can travel on a charge - such as rider weight, terrain (hilly vs flat), weather and how much you use the throttle vs pedal assist. On average, CaddieBikes can travel 40-60+ miles or play 3+ rounds of golf.

It takes 8-10 hours to fully charge from an empty battery.

We offer a 30 Day Risk Free Trial for CaddieBikes purchased through

Please refer to our 30 Day Trial & Refund Policy for complete details.

We currently only ship to the contiguous United States, excluding PO Boxes.

CaddieBikes are delivered 98% assembled. Assembly instructions are included for the remaining 2%.

While electric bikes are a new element to the game, courses are adapting and many of our customers are using CaddieBikes at their home course. We recommend talking to the course about using a CaddieBike before your round.

We recommend sending them to our website or contacting us for any questions. We can also provide a liability waiver for you to sign at the course.

Send us an email: or use the form below to request the waiver form.

Still have questions?

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