why join the single rider revolution with caddiebike?

Our bikes were developed out of our passion for the game of golf. While designing, we wanted to make sure golfers have the same amenities as they would in a cart, but also be able to enjoy the game in a new and exciting way! In addition to being able to play a faster round because golfers can travel straight to their ball, here are some benefits that set CADDIEBIKE apart.


+ Our bikes are lightweight, weighing only 80 pounds including the battery and club caddie, which means less wear and tear on the course.

+ All models were designed with a step-thru frame, making them more accessible, which is especially helpful while golfing.

+ CADDIEBIKES come with a cup/rangefinder holder, USB port, phone mount and charger, sand and seed bottle and a scorecard and pencil holder.

+ Optional accessories include a front basket, Bluetooth speaker and a suspension seat post for an even smoother ride.

+ Golfers have the option of getting as much (or little) exercise as they want while playing.

+ Ability to play 36+ holes on a single charge (with the 21Ah battery).

+ Easy to maintain and quick access to parts and components.

+ Easy to ride... "It's like riding a bike!"

Affordable price.


Please contact us if interested in a CADDIEBIKE fleet.