how far can i ride on a single charge?

This is the most commonly asked question and the most difficult to answer. Many factors are involved in how far our bikes can travel on a charge, such as passenger weight, terrain (hilly vs flat), weather and how much you use the throttle vs pedal assist. With the standard 14Ah battery capacity (which comes on the Classic and Pro models), you can typically travel up to 40 miles on a single charge. On average, you can travel up to 60 miles with the upgraded 21Ah battery (Pro+).


how long does it take to charge the battery?

It takes 6-8 hours to charge our standard 14Ah battery, while the upgraded 21Ah battery will take 8-10 hours to fully charge.


how does the light work?

Once the main power switch (the one on the battery) has been turned on, press and hold the power button on the handlebars to turn on the LCD display. After the display is on, you can toggle the lights on and off by quickly pressing the power button on the handlebars. Do not hold for too long or it will turn the display on and off.

Please see our operation page for more details.


do the bikes come with a warranty?

We believe in the quality of our bikes and offer a 1 year manufacturer warranty to support this.

Please refer to our warranty page for more details.


what is your return policy?

We offer a 30 Day Risk Free Trial with every bike purchase.

Please refer to our returns page for more details.


where do you ship?

At this point we can only ship to the contiguous United States, excluding PO Boxes.


how do i assemble my bike?

We have 2 options for assembly; we can help you find a bike shop to assemble the bike or you can assemble on your own (the bikes come 95% assembled and all the necessary tools are provided). 

If you would like help finding a place to assemble you bike, please use the contact form.

For assembly instructions, please refer to our assembly page.