Open Boxes

You will receive two boxes - the bigger one has the bike and the smaller one contains the front basket, tool kit, charger, pedals and any additional accessories you may have purchased. We recommend carefully cutting the bike box around 3 sides (see picture) so the flap folds down all the way.

Unpack Contents

After opening the boxes, carefully remove the club caddie and unwrap all packaging. Once complete, you should have everything seen in the picture (more if you purchased additional accessories).


Install Handlebars

Before installing the handlebars, be sure to put both rubber gaskets over handlebar posts (see picture). The handlebars will slide into the two holes near the front stem of bike. Make sure to slide handlebars in far enough so you can no longer see the little dashed lines. Once at the height you want, tighten the 4 bolts with allen wrench (make sure to tighten bolts back and forth until all bolts can no longer be tightened). Do this for each side.


Install Front Tire

First, remove the plastic piece between the front axle. Next, make sure the disc brake is on the correct side and carefully lift the front of bike off the ground so the front tire can be inserted through the fork. Make sure the disc brake lines up between the pads and that the tire is resting on the bolts on each side. Finally, unscrew the quick release pin and insert through the axle. Screw it back together with the springs in the same position they were in, until it latches tightly.


Screw on the Pedals

The pedals will be marked with an "R" and "L". If sitting on the bike, your right leg will get the "R" pedal and left leg will get the "L". The left side is reverse thread, meaning you will start twisting the pedal counter-clockwise. The right side will be screwed in clockwise. Once hand tightened, use the wrench with a "15" to tighten all the way.


Install Headlight

The hardware for headlight will already be on the bike. To install - remove the nuts, slide the bolts out so the headlight bracket fits between the spacers, then slide bolts back and put nuts on and tighten with the correct allen wrench and the size "13" wrench. Before tightening all the way, make sure to adjust the headlight so it is pointing straight ahead. Lastly, connect the wire from headlight to the wire coming from bike.


Put on the Front Fender

The hardware for front fender will already be installed on the bike. Slide the fender over the front tire so the tab lines up with the bolt under the headlight and the two wire connectors are near the front axle. Unscrew the allen bolts from front axle and put them through the holes in wire. Screw back in but don't tighten all the way yet. Do the same with the tab on top of fender. Before tightening make sure the fender is high enough so it will not rub on tire. Tighten the top and sides all the way.


Assemble/Install Seat

Connect the seat to the seat post by loosening the knob on seat post. Turn sideways and place around the two bars under seat. Using allen wrench, start tightening the bolt under seat. Before tightening all the way, place seat in tube and make sure it is tilted how you like. Hold in place and finish tightening bolt. Insert seat post into tube and tighten quick release.*  

*Note: quick release will have to be very tight to hold seat in place. After the quick release is latched, you may have to tighten additionally with allen wrench.


Charge Bike

At this point, your bike should be fully assembled. Now we recommend charging your bike. To do this, line up the 3 holes and insert charger into bike and plug other end into outlet. The light will be red while charging and turn green when complete.