Ambassador Program

We are always looking for people that are enthusiastic about our products and will continually help us grow!

Ambassador Qualifications:

  • Social Ambassadors will be considered with a following of 10k+ (Please Include Social Handles in the Message Section)
  • Golf Ambassadors with strong industry connections to both customers and golf clubs will be considered (Please Reference this in the Message Section)
  • Approved Ambassadors will receive an email from one of our team members with next steps.

Approved Ambassadors Receive:

  • A one time discount code for CaddieBike and any accessories
  • An affiliate marketing code and the potential to earn commission
  • New accessories for testing

What's Expected from You:

  • Be a serious, passionate and positive role model for the brand
  • Provide honest feedback so we can continuously improve our products
  • Post high quality content monthly to your social media accounts (Social Ambassadors)
  • Attend golf events, tournaments, and demo days where you can promote CaddieBike (Golf Ambassadors)

Let us know why you would make a great ambassador for CaddieBike!

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