Cruise the Course with CaddieBike

Have Fun. Play Faster. Stay Fit.

Experience a new era of golf course transportation with CaddieBike, an electrifying way to navigate the links. Designed to provide efficient mobility while on the course, enjoy a seamless blend of exercise and golf. Whether you’re seeking convenience, exercise or a unique golfing experience - CaddieBike offers a refreshing and innovative approach. Say goodbye to traditional golf carts and embrace the freedom of cruising between shots while enjoying fresh air and scenic views.

The CaddieBike

Featuring a low step thru design, foldable frame, golf bag carrier that also serves as the kickstand and versatile riding modes that allow you to get as much (or little) exercise as wanted.



Ride to, on, and from the course. Love my CaddieBike!

Kevin L.
Winter Springs, FL

This thing is SWEET and it RIPS! It's amazing. I LOVE it!

Geno B.
Lewiston, ID

AMAZING, I ride this bike everywhere. Coffee shops, golf course, grocery store. Nothing is off limits.

Micah G.
Greenville, SC

Seriously, the best bike out there. So much fun, and this is coming from a professional caddie!

Bryan B.
Aspen, CO

When the tee is backed up, every player in my foursome HAS to take it for a quick spin and immediately says, "I'm getting one of these."

Alan L.
Rochester, NY

LOVE mine!

Andrew M.
Lewisburg, PA

I Tried It: The CaddieBike is fun on-and-off the course



"The CaddieBike Rambler is the best new product I tried this year, and I tried *a lot* of new golf products this year. I had more fun on the course using a Rambler than I have in a long time. The best part? It's just as much fun off the course..."


CaddieBike Rambler: The Coolest Way to Get Around On and Off the Course



"The Rambler from CaddieBike is one of the coolest golf items I have ever tested! Being an avid cyclist and golfer, a bike made for golfing is the perfect blend of my passions..."